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We offer a wide range of services to meet your hair removal needs. Please see our pricing below:

  • Full Face (excluding eyebrows): $40

  • Eyebrows: $15

  • Neck: $18

  • Chin with Neck: $15

  • Upper Lip: $8

  • Lower Lip: $5

  • Full Arms (including hands, not including underarms): $50

  • Half Arms (upper or lower arms only): $30

  • Full Legs (groin to toes): $65

  • Half Legs (upper or lower legs only): $40

  • Underarm: $15

  • Chest Women: $23

  • Chest Men: $46

  • Stomach Women: $25

  • Stomach Men: $35

  • Back and Shoulder Women: $55

  • Back and Shoulders Men: $65

  • Back Women: $45

  • Back Men: $55

  • Lower Back Women: $20

  • Lower Back Men: $30

  • Bare Brazilian (total removal front and butt strip for women): $50

  • First Time Brazilian: $35

  • Brazilian Front (total removal front only for women): $45

  • Deep Bikini Women: $35

  • Bikini Line: $20

  • Perfect Brazilian (Brazilian and stomach strip and inner thighs for women): $75

  • Bare Brazilian Men (total removal front and butt strip): $75

  • Stomach Strip: $15

  • Inner Thigh: $18

  • Butt Strip Women: $15

  • Butt Strip Men: $25

  • Full Buttock Women (full removal of both cheeks): $30

  • Full Buttocks Men (full removal of both cheeks): $40

  • Full Body Women (from neck to toes): $279

  • Full Body Men (from neck to toes): $300

Brazilian Wax and Body waxing


Important Information:

  • A minimum of 10-14 days regular hair growth is required for waxing.

  • Regular waxing can help to minimize hair coarseness and frequency of growth.

  • Persons under the current or recent use (two weeks or less) of Accutane, Retin-A, Renova or any other topical prescription CANNOT be waxed.

  • We use hospital-grade disinfectants and disposable items in each and every service.

  • Our wax uses a lower temperature at body contact, providing more comfort when you re-apply in the same area.

  • We use 100% organic hard wax, with NO STRIPS and NO DOUBLE DIPPING!


A Vajacial is a specialized treatment that focuses on the skin on and around the vulva. It's designed to exfoliate dead skin, clean out pores, kill bacteria, and remove ingrown hairs. Just like a facial, it helps to keep the skin clear and healthy.

We offer the following Vajacial services:

  • Brazilian+Vajacial: This service includes a Brazilian wax and a Vajacial treatment, priced at $75.00.

  • Brightening Vajacial: This service includes a specialized brightening treatment for the vulva area, priced at $95.00.

  • Bootyacial (no wax): This service focuses on exfoliating and hydrating the skin on the buttocks, priced at $55.00.

  • Bootyacial+Wax: This service includes a Brazilian wax and a Bootyacial treatment, priced at $85.00.

  • Vajacial+Bootyacial: This combination service includes both Vajacial and Bootyacial treatments, priced at $140.00.

  • Vajacial only: This service includes only the Vajacial treatment, priced at $55.00.


Note: All our Vajacial services are performed by experienced professionals who use high-quality, safe products to ensure a comfortable and effective experience.  Our pricing may vary based on location, stylist, and other factors. Please contact us for more information or to schedule an appointment.

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